The Turku 2011 Foundation's photography competition's winners are declared. The theme of the competition was the Baltic Sea: what does it mean to you and how do you protect it? The contestants were allowed to upload three photos, and the total amount of pictures uploaded was 48. Photos could be voted until May 15th.

Gabriela Austeda won the competition with her picture Ruissalo sunset. Austeda had all three of her photos among

the most voted. Tero Rantaruikka came second with his photo Viiru and third was Barry Feldon's Liikennettä Itämerellä. The winning triplet is awarded with a sailing on the barque Thalassa from Turku to Gdynia between 27 August and 4 September as a part of The Culture 2011 Tall Ships Regatta.

The Regatta arrives in Turku from Klaipeda, Lithuania August 25th. From Turku the sailing begins with Parade of the Sails when thousands of people and boats escort the vessels to the sea.

During the sailing, the participants work in three shifts. The assignments include among other things taking care of the sails, steering the vessel, cooking and cleaning. Every day, off-duty passengers will be provided with side programme.

You can admire the photos here.

Barry Feldon: Liikennettä Itämerellä